NFHS 4 vis-à-vis NFHS 5: Progress in Maharashtra on key indicators

The National Family Health Survey (NFHS) is an important source of information on the periodic progress made on several key health indicators. Among other things, the survey tracks nutritional status of mother and child and the quality of antenatal and post-natal services at the state and district level. Recently, the NFHS 5 data (Phase-1) was released for select states and their districts facilitating for the first time a panel data analysis at the district level.

Making India malnutrition free – taking the LAGAAN approach

Lagaan was a path-breaking movie. It showed how an underdog can emerge victorious against all odds given unity, focus and right skills or training. It was also path breaking as a communication tool using a one-day cricket narrative, for a pre-independence era story. We could fruitfully use this narrative to plan for a malnutrition free India