The Importance of Correct Breastfeeding Practices: Contribution by CTARA, IITB

Despite significant reductions over the years, India still has high rates of undernutrition among children under five years of age. Large scale studies like NFHS 4 found that the prevalence of wasting was highest between birth and two months of age. This indicates that even with exclusive breastfeeding, there is poor transfer of breastmilk to the infant. This also highlights the importance of interventions that improve the effectiveness of breastfeeding practices and avert growth faltering and aid catch-up growth in first 6 months of life.

कुपोषणावर मात – ‘लगान’ चा धडा

‘लगान’ एक दमदार चित्रपट होता. एकी, फोकस, योग्य कौशल्य व प्रशिक्षण मिळाल्यास एखादा कमकुवत संघ सुद्धा सर्व प्रतिकूल परिस्थितींवर कशी मात करू शकतो हे यातून दिसून आले. याशिवाय, स्वातंत्र्यपूर्व काळातील कथेमधे एकदिवसीय क्रिकेट चा वापर करून प्रेक्षकांशी संवाद साधण्याचं एक आगळं साधन म्हणूनही तो दमदार ठरला. कुपोषणमुक्त भारताची योजना आखण्यासाठी आपण ही या कथानकाचा उपयोग करू शकतो.

Making India malnutrition free – taking the LAGAAN approach

Lagaan was a path-breaking movie. It showed how an underdog can emerge victorious against all odds given unity, focus and right skills or training. It was also path breaking as a communication tool using a one-day cricket narrative, for a pre-independence era story. We could fruitfully use this narrative to plan for a malnutrition free India