Nutri Shakti

The entries for the competition are now closed.

The results have been declared on 7th October 2022, Friday at 11:00am IST in an online event. Please find the list of winners below. 

हिंदी में जानकारी के लिए यहां क्लिक करें:

Winners of the competition are as follows:

1st prize-
Nuchinunde- Steamed Dal Dumplings by Ms. D. Dimple
2nd prize –
Ragi-apple cake by Dr. Swati Jain

Main Course
1st prize –
Bajra-methi-paneer paratha by Ms. Shreya Shriyan
2nd prize-
Sprouted moong and sprouted chana chillas, served with curd dip by Ms. Pooja Dayma

1st prize –
Bombil Chuntey by Kumari Vidhya Ramesh Wasave
2nd prize –
Wood apple-Date Chutney by Ms. Koshika Parakh

1st prize –
Carrot-Date Milkshake with sabja by Ms. Subhashini S


In case of queries, kindly contact: Mr. Jayant @9579689212 

or Write to us at:

Competition details:

A competition that will help fight malnutrition, both undernutrition and overweight.

Eat the healthy foods at the right time, with adequate nutrient density.

Foods that are traditional or innovative.

The contest aims to reach out to all, who can contribute to recipes that could influence food habits.


Eligibility criteria:

The contest is open to people under 4 categories:

·  All Government Health Care Workers including Government Doctors

·  NGOs/Public Charitable Trust/Foundation working on nutrition

·  Professionals in Dietetics

·  Others



You are required to fill this form on any one recipe for the following categories. 

·  Snack

·   Main dish

·   Dry/Wet Chutney, Sauce or Dip

·   Beverage Hot or Cold

Kindly note that you have to fill separate form for entry in each category. Only one recipe entry will be accepted under each food item i.e one person can fill one per category and a maximum of four forms in total.


Recipe Preparation Guidelines:

·        Prepare a recipe that is nutritious, easy to prepare and inexpensive. Could be either vegetarian or non-vegetarian

·        Instead of rice and wheat – millets (any kind) will be preferable. The recipe shall not contain sugar, honey or jaggery

·        Instead of refined oils – cold press oils or ghee would be preferable. The food item must not be deep fried.

·        Quantities to be written in metric format. If using measures like cup /bowl/ katori/ teaspoon/tablespoon etc. please mention its equivalent weight in Grams or Millilitres.

·        Recipe should be for one serving only.

·        You can also mention if your recipe is particularly rich in any nutrient.


Other Guidelines

·      Present the dish well and photograph it.

·      Please fill the shared form which includes the photograph, recipe, serving size and nutritive value per serving. 

·      You can type the recipe details in the form or  upload clear images of dish name, ingredients, steps of preparation, the nutrient that your recipe is rich in written in legible handwriting on an A4 sheet of paper.

·      Do not mention your name on the image/photo. We will code the images before sending them to the judges.

·      Minimum 2 photos required.  This may be taken by your smartphone.  Please only upload unedited or unfiltered photos.

·      Failure to follow the rules shall lead to disqualification of your recipe.

·      All partners shall have the rights to share recipes where they like, either print or online media, and share with other participants.


Link for the form:

·      Kindly note that even if the form is available in English and Hindi it can be filled in your language. Please mention the language of your submission.



Criteria for judging:

·       Among the points that will be considered are adherence to a guideline mentioned above including innovation, originality, nutritive value, presentation.

·       Top 2 winners will be chosen in each of the 4 categories


Deadline for Submission:

·     Date: 27 September 2022 11:59 PM


Announcement of winners:

·    There will be two prizes in each category 

·    The winner will be awarded a cash prize of 3000 INR and the runner up will be awarded 1500 INR

·    The names of prize winners will be announced on 7th October 2022 in an online event.