Food supplement for moderate acute malnourished children (6-59 months)

Authors: Anchal Purbey, Amit Arora, Satish B. Agnihotri

Presented at: 2nd International NIN Centenary Conference, 11th-13th November, 2018

Aim and Objectives:

To develop a nutritious and safe supplementary product, yet affordable that caters to the requirement of moderate acute malnourished children.

• Developing nutritious food formulations to treat MAM children by identifying ingredients which are nutritive and indigenous.

• Evaluating nutritional parameters for analysis of proximate composition of food product

• Evaluation of sensory acceptability on 5 and 9 point hedonic scale on semi-trained in-house panelists and targeted age group.

• Determining shelf life parameters at ambient condition to decide shelf life of the product

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