PB No. 20 Is there a seasonal pattern to births in Jharkhand?

The policy brief observed distinct pattern of seasonality in the state of Jharkhand with high peaks during the months of August till November and notable dip in the month of February. Child birth in Jharkhand also appears to be influenced by agro-climatic factors. Given the potential impact of birth seasonality on the health system, a state-level analysis could provides a nuanced view to local administrators to improve the delivery of maternal and child health services.

PB No. 18 An analysis of the seasonal variations in births in Bihar: HMIS data 2017-20

This policy brief analyzes birth seasonality in Bihar from 2017 to 2020, highlighting peaks in August-October. Influences include agro-climatic conditions and cultural factors. Significant gaps in birth-dose vaccination coverage, particularly for Hepatitis B and Vitamin K1, were identified, emphasizing the need for improved health service planning and family planning strategies.