Food supplement for moderate acute malnourished children (6-59 months)

Authors: Anchal Purbey, Amit Arora, Satish B. Agnihotri Presented at: 2nd International NIN Centenary Conference, 11th-13th November, 2018 Aim and Objectives: To develop a nutritious and safe supplementary product, yet affordable that caters to the requirement of moderate acute malnourished children. • Developing nutritious food formulations to treat MAM children Read More …

Malnutrition free India: Worm’s eye view

Purbey, A., Tomar, M. S., & Agnihotri, S. B. (2018)
High levels of maternal and child undernutrition in India have persisted, despite constitutional provisions, legislative policies and plans. This study, based on personal observations and information collected from three different tribal settings in India, examines the ground realities highlighting the need to focus on district action plans. It further suggest the need to go down to block and village level to address issues that don’t get highlighted from a national or state level perspective. What has been envisaged in the nutrition policy and programme at the macro level can be different from the actual practices in the field. The study brings out that reality.